You're lucky to be born under a Taurus Moon as it is the Songkran moon.

The second of Mercury's four retrogrades started in Taurus this April, making the Songkran new year the perfect guide mark to Reflect, Review and Rethink. Follow through on improvements of past decisions. Since you place a hefty amount of significance on propriety; make change close to home by making own well-being your number one priority. As the best version of yourself you can seize any opportunity the moment they emerge. The focus of the natural incredibly hard-working and conscientious Taurus should be contentment. No more spending energy to convince someone else, no more putting yourself after anyone else. Truly own yourself. Invest in yourself.

When pushing too hard instead of flowing with the energy, you might find obstacles to conquer. Taureans are self reliant and people look up to them for leadership. Don’t let this stand in the way to reach out for help. You will have gone as far as you can by yourself, and will be ready to welcome others in.

Our Songkran Capsule Collection is telling a similar story of reinvention. Signature Atelier Linda Elizabeth pieces were forced to be reassesed as they are made in collaboration with local craftswomen. Review. Rethink. Revel.

Let us celebrate badass women, let us celebrate you!

Songkran Capsule Collection no.1 Plum Bellis Perennis